Completed Fall 2014


Update Harpoon's existing business card to better accomdate employees.


Since the last card update, the landscape of Harpoon had changed signifcantly. The new card would simplify the brand hierarchy, reflect Harpoon's transition to Employee Ownership, and allow flexibility for each of the nearly 300 employees to include (or exclude) contact information.


A flexible template that allowed each employee to share contact information based on profession and need.


Sufficient white space on the back to leave a personal note at current and potential accounts.

The old business cards (below, left) did not allow for any customization. Many sales representative have unique twitter accounts and both an office and mobile phone whereas brewers may wish to share only their email addresses and office phone numbers. 

Front of Card: old design (L) and new (R)

The back of the previous design (below, left) negated the intent of a business card—for the recipient to keep the card. By removing information that can be accessed on Harpoon's website, employees can now write a short note of appreciation and leave their business card at any (potential) Harpoon accounts. 

Back of Card: old design (L) and new (R)