Graphic Designer

Video: Cambridge Uncommon


Completed Summer 2014

The three brewers in a backyard in Cambridge, MA

The three brewers in a backyard in Cambridge, MA

Background: With each release of the latest beer in Harpoon Brewery's 100 Barrel Series comes a short video including a bit about the beer and the unique story behind it or its brewer. 

Challenge: Communicate the story of three friends who first met as Beer Captains in Harpoon's Boston Beer Hall and would go on to brew a beer worthy of a 100 Barrel Series label in their backyard in Cambridge, MA.

My role: Basic scripting, 50% of interview footage, 90% of b-roll footage, editing with Premiere Pro. Other 50% of interview footage and 10% of b-roll footage by Adam Bailey, Harpoon Brewery Creative Director.

Video and photos property of Harpoon Brewery



IPL: A Story of Backyard Brewing Friendship