Graphic Designer






Completed May 2016


Create a logo for the Lincoln Research Network Operations Center (LRNOC). Incorporate the group’s full-name and give preference to a circular shape.


LRNOC is collaborative effort that provides data for research efforts and applies its own research to more successfully secure big data.


A mark formed using “data” derived from the group’s name. Individual nodes and their diameters represent the frequency of each of the 14 letters of the name. The connecting lines represent communication and the flow of information between data and research.




Binary code guided the initial concepts, representing a 1 with a vertex and zero with a circle. In the fifth concept, the line turns 90 degrees when the binary digit differs from its predecessor in the sequence.  

A cryptographic approach in which the frequency of each letter is represented by diameter and connected in sequence.


A more abstract exploration of data and network visuals.

Further development of the abstract and cryptographic concepts. The rightmost composition was chosen to further refine for the final logo.  


The next phase of development included primarily font exploration and application of the color palette chosen by the art director.


For the final logo, I chose Orator given its fixed-width and technical aesthetic. While I explored network graphics with a central negative space, we ultimately chose the above direction as it proved to be a more cohesive overall execution when paired with text in both the horizontal and circular layouts.

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