Graphic Designer

Logo: New England-style IPA


Completed Fall 2013


Help consumers identify Harpoon's India Pale Ale as a New England-style IPA.


Before there was a microbrewery around every corner, the beer world was dominated by light lagers and Harpoon IPA was recognized for its unique style alone. Now that IPA's are an expected standard for any craft brewery, Harpoon hoped to give its drinkers the opportunity to recognize differences within the IPA segment.


A logotype to use on all Harpoon IPA packaging and POS


Art Direction: Adam Bailey and James Holzman

All work property of Harpoon Brewery.


Unsurprisingly, I was inspired by quintessential New England signage and typography, specifically the variety of signs found on Bearskin Neck in Rockport, MA. It's only fitting I ultimately used the typeface Portsmouth Second Fleet for the logotype.  

The back label for Harpoon IPA was printed on thousands of bottles in the Harpoon Brewery distribution area (basically, east of the Mississippi River). Fun fact: it makes several appearances in the critically acclaimed film, Spotlight.

Posters and coasters used in the Harpoon Brewery, package stores, bars, and restaurants