THE NATICKS: Logo and Supporting Assets

Completed July 2016, ongoing


Create a logo for The Naticks, an experimental garage-rock band from Providence, Rhode Island. The themes of fusion, high energy, and friendship are integral to the band's ideology.


"Though they are not from Natick, the band appreciates the local history and Native American roots. They found the word's meaning (a place of searching) to be representative of themselves as a band and as individuals." -The Naticks


A logotype, replacing the "A" with an abstracted feather, respectfully nods to the "native" history of the band's name. The final executions of both the logotype and logomark are unique but still simple enough to use across a variety of album and promotional artwork styles in the future.


A sample of sketches, refinements, and explorations from two of the band's favorite concepts. 


True to their name, the band remains open to an exploration of styles for their future visual asset needs. The thickened letterforms and alternate executions will allow for a consistent logotype that can stand on its own or in conjunction with a variety of visual styles.